(The Annasuya Thrillers Book 2)

Annasuya and Lindsay have been inseparable since high school. They love each other dearly. Their steadfast friendship could overcome anything. There isn’t a single thing they wouldn’t do for each other.

One day, Lindsay disappears, lured into the depths of a mind-sucking, Machiavellian cult.

But this pacific, back-to-the-land eco-community isn’t everything it appears to be. Are its gentle, nature-loving members really as benevolent as they seem?

And what is their stern and mysterious leader, Elder Brooks, really up to? Is he merely a harmless and idealistic visionary, dedicated solely to the implantation of a new Garden of Eden on the face of the earth?

Or is there something totally depraved, something truly evil, behind his altruistic façade? Something far more evil than Annasuya could ever have suspected?

Annasuya is willing to do anything to save her friend. But when her own life is threatened, what will she choose?

Will she ever succeed in bringing Lindsay back to civilization? Or is her friend beyond reach, lost to her forever?

What lengths will Annasuya have to go to to save her friend? Is she willing to pay the ultimate price to get Lindsay back?

Will she be able to stare into the eyes of pure evil — and survive?

ADDICTED TO THE LIGHT is the story of two friends and the bonds of love and loyalty that bind them together.

This book can be read as a standalone.

“What a fantastic book this was. It gripped me from the start and never let go until the very end.

Brilliantly written, it tells the continuing story of Annasuya, her family, and best friend.

I couldn’t believe what this woman had been through.

S.E. Amadis certainly puts her characters through the wringer, but they are all the better for it. I found I cared what happened to them all, well apart from Calvin. He was the only one I wanted somebody to bump off.

Some truly ghastly characters made their way into this book, and I have to admit at times, I was seething namely during the times we were shown what the cult were really up to.

Can’t wait for Book 3, but will be reading Book 1 in the meantime.

Five Stars well deserved!”

Many Of Us

“I’ve never read a book about cults, but it certainly makes a fascinating subject. I absolutely raced through this – I wanted more – more depth, more background, more descriptions. This could have been three times the length and I would still have raced through it.

Oh and I didn’t realise this was the second book in a series – it totally works as a standalone – but now I need to read the first one.


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