After moving into her new house, Vanda discovers a diary that a teenaged drug addict, Monty, wrote to her baby as she lay dying in the attic. When Vanda reads this moving document, she is inspired to discover what happened to Monty’s long-lost baby and deliver the diary to her in person.

What seems like a simple, straight-forward mission turns dangerous and deadly when Vanda discovers that Monty’s father, Zachariah, is a psychopathic pedophile who will do anything to uncover the whereabouts of his mysterious granddaughter, so he can continue to carry out the cruel and sadistic acts of depravity which he had already inflicted on Monty, and which had driven Monty to drugs in the first place.

Suddenly, Vanda’s peaceful life is shattered by the seemingly senseless deeds of violence and aggression of this madman, as he pursues Vanda for information.

Zachariah will stop at nothing to achieve his ends. He is determined to get his granddaughter back, no matter what it takes.

Suddenly, no place is safe for Vanda. Zachariah is willing to take her to the very end to get what he wants from her.

EMPTINESS is the story of a dying mother’s last words to her baby daughter, and the price one woman must pay in order to deliver these words.

“Oh my goodness! This author just gets better and better….

“Emptiness” is a hard hitting standalone psychological thriller. I felt desperately sad for one of the characters, hated another with vengeance and urging another on to help as much as they could, to seek retribution for past sadness.

This book gripped me right from the start and would not let me go! I read from morning to night, taking a few breaks from the intensity of it all. The storyline is tight, thrilling, scary, emotional. An absolute must read for those that haven’t yet discovered S E Amadis yet. Really looking forward to her next book. Fabulous!”


“Yet another fantastic novel from one of my favourite authors.

Every sentence in fact every word is important, the subject is so well researched and she pays real attention to detail.

I loved the premise of a found diary of a dying girl, who is a drug addict, being found in the attic of Vanda and Daniel’s new home.
What happens afterwards scared the life out of me.

I felt so many emotions reading this, but I loved it and I actually thought about it long after I had finished it.

If you haven’t read any of her books, you really should read them..

This is a stand alone novel which I highly recommend.

She is definitely an author who gets better with every book.

Mrs A Hunt

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