(Carrie Anne Houghton Book 1)

A chilling Gothic revenge thriller that takes place within the claustrophobic confines of a remote and isolated boarding school.

There’s something dangerous and menacing about Patricia. Patricia rules the school. No one dares to disobey her, and those who make the mistake of getting onto the wrong side of her must pay a terrible price.

Only geeky, innocent Carrie Anne knows what Patricia is really like, having once been held prisoner and tortured by her.

But Patricia is far more dangerous and sinister than even Carrie Anne realizes. Carrie Anne has no idea who — or what — Patricia really is… or what Patricia is truly capable of.

Now Carrie Anne’s chilling ordeal, one she had escaped from years before, will begin all over again. This time, will she make it out alive? And if she does, how will she ever protect the people that she loves and save them from Patricia?

PATRICIA is dark and disturbing, the type of book that would appeal to people who want extreme emotion. It’s not cosy and it’s not an armchair read and it won’t make you feel good.

“What a truly dark and disturbing debut novel ! Revenge being sort for being bullied as a child but the bully is totally devoid of any human compassion or feeling . This book is not for the faint hearted as it describes scenes of graphic violence , it is totally chilling but it does make for compelling reading . Once I started this I just couldn’t put it down and finished over the space of two days ! I cannot wait for more books by this author.” 

Katherine Jones

“Anybody who has endured bullying at school will understand Carrie Ann’s need to return and seek revenge. But did she underestimate her enemy? A fantastic debut novel! I will definitely watch out for more by this author.” 

Amazon Customer

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