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My heroes and heroines have to walk through fire (or rather, crawl through fire), get strangled, beaten, shot at, drowned, poisoned, get caught in tornados or earthquakes or get attacked by mutant gnats. Or, they have to strangle, beat, shoot, drown and poison other people. A story with anything less than these dramatic, hair-raising elements was always too boring for me to even consider telling.

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Stephanie and Armando Ferrera and their daughter Shirley are the picture postcard family with the perfect life. Stephanie and Armando enjoy high-paying jobs and a happy marriage, and Shirley is the most pampered and beloved child in the city. Until the day Shirley is brutally murdered. Stephanie can't rest plotting out ways to exact revenge. And then, suddenly, she's offered a second chance in life. The possibility of recovering her dead daughter. What wouldn't you do if you could get your dead child back? What measures wouldn't you take, what lengths wouldn't you go to, to bring your child back to life? To Stephanie it's clear what her choice will be. But she has no idea what price she will have to pay. Why are innocent people suddenly disappearing all over the city? Why has Stephanie given up her job and gone to live in seclusion, withdrawn behind the four walls of her home? What is the terrible secret she’s trying to hide? Could the consequences of Stephanie’s decision turn out to be more terrifying, more utterly horrific than anything she could have ever imagined? Shirley is the dark, sad story of what a grieving mother is capable of, and what really happens when you interfere with the natural course of life. If you want to know more, just get the book! Coming soon in 2022.

Shirley by S.E. Amadis

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Settle down for the night with one of my sweet, cosy novels.  Don’t worry about the wind howling around your eaves. Don’t pay any attention to things going bump in the night in your safe, comfy home. There couldn’t possibly be any baddies out there, could there? Because baddies don’t really exist……. Or do they? Don’t forget to turn off all the lights…….

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The place where I can blather on and on about all the little tidbits and trivia that have no place in a book, but might be of interest to a small minority of people in this world.

Why Keep Writing Novels?

If you’ve been following me for a while you might have wondered what became of me haha? Why this long silence of over 2 years? Have I given up on writing? Stopped enjoying it? Suffered a radical career change and become a coach? Or maybe I got abducted and went to Mars? Read more to find out why.

I believe in magic. I believe that the world is full of mystery, and that there are more things in heaven and earth than could ever be dreamt of in our conventional, logic-based philosophies.


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